Rogue is a dungeon crawling video game first developed by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman around 1980. It is generally credited with being the first "graphical" adventure game, and was a favorite on college Unix systems in the early to mid-1980s, in part due to the procedural generation of game content.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It feels good when I stop

Well after a week of testing and rebuilding libraries, I have come to the conclusion that python and SDL have issues. For now I will forego using Python with Maze Mover and now just focus on getting some simple path finding and AI functions hard coded into the game.

I was going to move off of SDL eventually, but it may be time to do so after I get enough of this game working as a test project.

Now to determine if I go to DirectX or OpenGL. Both are industry grade libraries, though since I am doing most of my work on and for the PC, I may just stick with DirectX. I am still at the general stage and I don't suspect that learning OpenGL after DirectX will be too much of a challenge. Personally, the graphics library is just that, a library. Most of the work that I need to do will be on top of that anyway.

Still I won't make the decision till after next week. There is Comic-Con to deal with and I will finish up Maze Mover (at least to the point of learning what I want to learn from it) by then.


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