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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another View of SDL

I am the type of person who likes to read different sources on the same topic just so I can see the topic from different angles. At times I will even even jump to similar topics just to gain a better understanding in general. For example, I read up on Java and play with it for a while to get a better idea of Object Programing.

To that end, I still like to look at other SDL Tutorials even though the topics are all the same as before. Just seeing a different set of code that does the same thing can offer new insights. So, without too much more preamble, I offer you Dev Hub's SDL Tutorials

This site does require a bit of understanding of C++ and object oriented design as the coding examples heavily use class structures. On a personal note, the author is a member of the "One-Line Main" school of thought. That is main has one command to call another class the runs the show. I am not particularly fond of this school of thought, but it is a valid coding style and has its purpose.

The coding examples are very well laid out and for the most part I was able just to read the code itself most of the time to see how he implemented the topics covered. Also he has an Event Class that I will most likely appropriate in some form. It will have some modifications for my style, but once again, it is useful as is.

The approach of his basic tutorial is to end up with a fairly simple game structure. After finishing this tutorial you will have a strong skeleton of code to build some basic games. Each tutorial is fairly complex in terms of the amount of information presented, though the clear code and explanations help you along.

Another good thing about his site is that he has an active blog and offers additional resources there. There was recently a "Tetris" contest that just ended and it seems like he puts a contest together every few months. Not much in the way of a prize purse, but still could have been fun. I will have to keep an eye out for his next one.


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