Rogue is a dungeon crawling video game first developed by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman around 1980. It is generally credited with being the first "graphical" adventure game, and was a favorite on college Unix systems in the early to mid-1980s, in part due to the procedural generation of game content.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Working with my Limits

I make no pretense to be any form of a graphic artist. Hence the simplistic look of my games. This is also why I have never gotten in to the Mod Community of games. I can structure story and dialog paths, as well as crunch numbers for encounters, but I must rely on stock images. I can get by drawing maps with pre-gen tiles, but I would not create new tiles.

When it comes to image manipulation in memory, sure no problem. Blit and flip, bitdepth, and refresh rates are easy for me. Even reading up on 3D graphics, I can figure out some simple equations for doing projections to a 2D screen. Object transformation and spatial manipulation is my thing. Collision detection is a relatively easy concept to employ. Even animation is simple for me. It is just a bunch of images that you cycle though. frame = (++frame) % MAXFRAMES

To create those images, that isn't me.

The interesting thing is, I see that a lot of people think game design is all about the graphics. Many interesting games are being developed in the indie/small press community, but they get panned because they looks dated. The YAR Project will be one of those "dated" applications. However, the trick will be to still make it look professional. Simple but professional.


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